When you think of dermal fillers, you likely think of plumper cheeks and luscious lips. And whilst there’s no doubt that dermal fillers can be used to enhance the shape, size and appearance of lips and cheeks, producing fuller lips and rounded more defined cheeks, the uses of dermal fillers don’t end there.

With the ability to effectively “fill” lines and wrinkles, smoothing signs of ageing and replacing collagen loss, dermal fillers have a number of other great uses.

Here are 6 great uses for dermal filler treatments you may not have previously been aware of:

  1. Filling in Hollow Temples

A hollow temple is a huge sign of ageing and one that clients can find particularly damaging when it comes to self-confidence. It forms when the normal muscle mass and fat pads surrounding the temple area reduces with time, leaving a deepening depression on the side of the forehead.
Dermal fillers can help to improve the appearance of this obvious sign of ageing, plumping the delicate skin around the temple, with lasting results than can last for up to two years.

  1. Chin Enhancement

Did you know that achieving a more rounded chin is possible through the application of dermal fillers? Yes; a chin augmentation is not your only option!

If you have a strong, defined chin and long to have a more rounded or heart-shaped chin, dermal fillers can provide a suitable solution, plumping out the area to create a much softer look.

  1. Boosting Sagging Brows

With so much emphasis placed on the “power of the brow” these days, they get a lot of attention and focus. However, the ageing process also, unfortunately, takes effect on the brow arch, with collagen loss leading to sagging in this area.

Boosting your brow arch to its former glory is easily achieved through dermal fillers and, in most cases, minimal injections are required.

  1. Eliminate Crow’s Feet

It’s very difficult to avoid the development of “crow’s feet”, also commonly known as laughter lines. These are simply a direct result of facial expressions and they become really noticeable once collagen production begins to diminish.

Dermal fillers can quickly and effectively smooth the appearance of crow’s feet and laughter lines so you can laugh without having to worry about the consequences it will have on your skin.

  1. Restore Ageing Hands

Despite the frequent use of restoring hand creams, the wear and tear that our hands are exposed to mean they eventually show tell-tale signs of ageing that cannot be ignored. However, they can be enhanced.

Dermal fillers are not just for the face and neck areas as they can also help to smooth lines and wrinkles on the hands.

  1. Smoothing Acne Scars

If teenage or adult acne has left behind a lasting reminder in the form of permanent scarring, dermal fillers can provide the remedy you have been looking for. Just like with lines and wrinkles, dermal fillers can fill in the space underneath a scar, pushing it out and smoothing the appearance of the skin.

The list of dermal filler applications goes on

The applications of dermal fillers don’t end there so talk to our skincare specialists today to learn more about dermal filler uses and discover how the treatment could help you to become a happier, more confident you.

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